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What kind of food will be given in the diet plan?

Our diet plans include basic home-based food. No fat cutter drinks or fat supplements.

What kind of workout plan will be given?

You will be given a choice between Gym or Home workout. You may go for any depending on your preference.

Can I only go for Diet plan if I don’t want to take Workout?

Workout plan is complementary. The fee is for diet plan and weekly counselling.

What if I’m a vegetarian?

No Problem, strictly vegetarian meal plans will be designed for you.

Is weight loss guaranteed?

Weight loss is the result of many factors in play when you lose weight, it means that you are eating right, eating carefully, exercising regularly and have no genetic or medical roadblock.

How much weight I can lose in one month?

There is no fixed answer to this question. It depends on your current weight and how precisely you follow the given plans. On an average people who enrol with us lose up to 3-4kg in a month (or 5kg)

Do you provide health plans for weight gain?

Yes, we provide plans for weight gain, weight loss & weight maintenance.

“Don't Start a diet that has an expiration date.
Develop a healthy lifestyle that will last forever”

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